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Italian Red Wine

Italian red wines are made from red grapes. Most red wines from Italy are more substantial than Italian white wines. The unique thing about red wine is the tannins contained in the grapes’ skins and that dissolve during fermentation. Tannin-rich wines often have spicy, balsamic, and vegetable aromas in addition to fruity ones. If a red wine contains a lot of tannin, this means that the wine has to mature in wooden barrels and can later refine in the bottle for a long time. Italy is well known as a country for its red wines, which can come from almost any region.

Italian red wine is legendary

What makes a legend a legend? The independent character. The courage to try something new. The daring to go untrodden paths. Italian red wine perfectly combines all these properties. In Italy’s vineyard list, which sets the tone with over 400 varieties worldwide, some names can only be found here. But one after the other and off to the north to Piedmont. In addition to international grape varieties, Piedmont region in Italy is famous for its robust red wines from the Barbera and Nebbiolo grapes. Besides, connoisseurs of intense red wine delights with aroma-rich elegance click their tongues voluptuously at Barolo and Barbaresco’s keywords.

Of course, the red wine legend is Tuscany with its cuvées of the super Tuscans, which were just a trick of the winemakers to circumvent the strict rules of origin of the Italian wine authorities. International grape varieties are at the top of the list here, while Sangiovese, as a local variety, ensures high scores and a rush of buyers primarily solo. Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti should not be missing from this list, but it would go beyond the scope to describe all facets of Italian red wine from Tuscany.

Italian red wine also has surprises in store

It initially seems impossible to unearth discoveries and hidden delights in a wine country as precisely measured as Italy. Admittedly, we don’t always succeed. Nevertheless, we have an insider tip: Italian red wine from the Maremma, a wine region on the border of Emilia-Romagna, the Marche, Umbria, and Latium that was only opened up a few decades ago. Here the winemakers build their wine houses from scratch and thus free themselves from typical Italian rules. The first results are already very popular with connoisseurs.

Suppose Italian red wine is one of your favorite pleasures. In that case, we certainly don’t have to tell you much more about the excellent Sicilian products because the Nero d’Avola is the epitome of real red wine grape (and as the figurehead of Sicily) is simply delicious.


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