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ElevenTwelve Day Combo


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November 12th (11/12) is our special day and we asked YOU, our family and friends, to decide how to best celebrate.  Well…you’ve spoken and we’ve listened so here’s a special combination package to make every moment taste extraordinary today!

Enjoy our delectable Tagliatelle (pronounced “tag-lee-uh-TELL-ay”) egg pasta with our Truffle and Hazelnut pesto, which is sure to give your weekend the kick start it needs!  And of course, it’s not a real celebration without ElevenTwelve wine- and you’ve chosen our bold yet elegantly refined Barbaresco (pronounced “bar-bah-RES-co”) for this special occasion. We suggest decanting the Barbaresco and enjoying as a glass after the pasta.

Cheers and Buon Appetito!

This combo includes:

1 bottle of 2016 ElevenTwelve Barbaresco DOCG

1 package of ElevenTwelve Tagliatelle all’Uovo Egg Pasta (500gr)

2 jars of ElevenTwelve Truffle and Hazelnut Pesto


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