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Barolo DOCG Wine Pasta Sauce


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Ingredients: Italian tomato pulp, onion, carrot, celery, Barolo DOCG red wine, extra virgin olive oil, herbs, salt

Size: 180gr / 6.4oz

Origin: Piemonte, Italy

Best enjoyed as bread topping and pasta sauce

Buon appetito!

Barolo wine pasta sauce is the perfect complement to a dish made with trecce pasta. Barolo pasta sauce is like many other pasta sauces in that its base ingredients are tomatoes, olive oil, herbs and salt. In addition to adding onion, carrot and celery, what makes Barolo special is the addition of Barolo wine, a wine made only from the Nebbiolo grape and only grown in the Barolo district of Italy, hence its recognition with the DOCG distinction. Using the Barolo wine in a tomato sauce imparts flavors ranging from cinnamon to truffles to mint, transforming a normal pasta sauce into a delicacy.

Of course, you don’t have to just use trecce pasta with Barolo sauce. Tagliatelle is another thick pasta made from durum semolina that holds its own during a meal and compliments a full-bodied sauce such as Barolo. Linguini and Taglioni are similar to Tagliatelle, being longer, thicker noodles that pair well with thicker sauces. If you prefer classic pasta dishes, ravioli and lasagna are other noodles that can complement an excellent Barolo-infused dish. If you’re not picky about your pasta or want to try something new, the truth is that any pasta will serve a Barolo sauce well.

If you’re not satisfied with just the wine in your sauce, there are many wines that pair well with trecce pasta. Wine-pairing, especially with pasta, is heavily influenced by other ingredients in your meal, such as whether you are also consuming meat, fish, cheese, cream sauces or just tomato sauces. Since you most likely will be eating your trecce with Barolo sauce (why resist now!), a medium-bodied red wine, such as a Zinfandel or a Chianti, will help to balance the acidity of the sauce while letting the flavors of the Barolo shine through. Of course, everyone’s palette is different, no matter how refined you think you are, so feel free to experiment with your trecce and Barolo creations.

As long as you are open to possibilities, welcome the flavor and savor each bite, you can’t go wrong with trecce pasta and Barolo wine sauce. As they say in Italy, buon appetito!


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